What to Know when Ordering Custom Patches

Patch Size and Options

Standard  patches are 4" in diameter with a 0.4cm roller edge with a white, durable PVC backing. Custom shapes, sizes, backings and metallic thread options are available for a custom quote. 

Embroidery Percentage Area

The embroidery percentage is the area of the patch that is covered by thread. Typically, this is 75% or 100% coverage. A patch that is 75% covered will show some of the white backing material, giving the thread a raised look.

Custom Patch Pricing

Orders must have a minimum purchase order of 300 units. Based on the standard patch size of 4" at 100% embroidery, our price starts at $1.25 each. For custom shapes, sizes and options, contact us for a personalized quote!
300 Units
1,000 Units
2,000+ Units
$1.25 each
$375 total
$1.10 each
$1,100 total
Contact Us
$2,000+ total
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